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Coverage per gallon- 1,000 sq. feet
A water based sealer ideal for use on floors such as vinyl, vinyl asbestos, asphalt tile, terrazzo marble and concrete. Provides a strong foundation for floor finish and may be used as a topcoat when the maintenance program calls for periodic buffing.

Relatively mild in its concentrated form it reduces hazard to the skin, clothing, floors, paints, etc. It is pleasantly scented and produces no objectionable odors.


Floor must be thoroughly stripped of old wax or finish, rinsed and allowed to dry before applying sealer.

Apply two medium coats of Safety Sealer to form foundation of floor. Once floor is dry, proceed with your initial coat of Safety Finish Wax. As an option, you can buff the floor after second coat of sealer is dry. If using Safety Sealer as a topcoat, apply six coats and then buff.


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Box of 4 @ 1 Gallon

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