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Coverage per gallon- 2,000 sq. feet
COAST SAFETY FINISH WAX (NON-BUFF) is a self-polishing finish formulated to provide a higher level of slip resistance as opposed to conventional floor finishes. It provides positive traction that creates a new standard of safety for floors in public areas. The advanced acrylic/urethane technology in COAST SAFETY FINISH WAX (NON-BUFF) produces a toughness never before available in a water-based no-buff finish. This unique combination provides maximum benefits in safety and durability.

Self-polishing. Requires no high-speed equipment to provide exceptional gloss. Quick drying for rapid re-coating. No discoloration, resistant to detergents and water, minimizes scuffing and black heel marking. Lowers costs and maintenance time due to reduced need for frequent stripping and re-coating operations. Exceptional slip resistance.


Strip old finish using COAST POWER STRIPPER per label instructions. Repeat as needed to remove all old wax and dirt. Shake well before using.

Sealer is not required when using this product.

Apply COAST SAFETY FINISH WAX (NON-BUFF) to floor when completely dry.
• Allow at least 30 minutes after stripping.
• Apply three full, uniform coats to heavy traffic areas.
• Apply one or two coats to light traffic areas until the floors have a continuous high gloss. Buffing is not required.
• Restore finish in high traffic areas by scrubbing with a red buffing pad and Coast High Speed Neutral Cleaner.
• When floor is dry, reapply finish

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