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Coverage per gallon- 2,000 sq. feet
The Coast Products Safety Finish achieves a new level of performance for high speed floor finishes. This unique product combines a superior degree of slip resistance with the durability and shine required for high profile floors. A special formulation provides for increased traction as the frequency of buffing is increased. Safety Finish increases slip resistance 20% over conventional finishes and exceeds the requirements set by Underwriters Laboratories.

Safety Finish is recommended for shipboard use,
barracks, office buildings and healthcare facilities.


1. Completely strip and remove all old finish from floor surface. Rinse thoroughly to remove any stripper residue.

2. Apply five coats of Safety Finish, allowing 30 minutes for drying between each coat. On new or very porous floors, first apply two coats of Safety Sealer and then add four coats of Safety Finish. Shake well before using

3. Allow 24 hours for floor to cure and then buff using a beige, champagne or white pad on a floor machine.

4. Clean the floor on a daily basis by first dust mopping and then wet mopping using the High Speed Neutral Cleaner.



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