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Safety Spray Buff Product Label

This is an innovative formula designed to clean, shine and improve the slip resistance of floors coated with Coast Products Safety Finish.

This product contains mild surfactants and detergents formulated to clean the floor without damaging the finish. Safety Spray Buff will remove black marks , scuffs and soils while creating a high gloss shine. The resultant floor surface is now more durable and the slip resistance is increased.

1. Sweep or damp mop floor area to be treated.

2. Spray a light mist of product on the area to be treated.

3. Place a beige, champagne or white pad on floor machine and buff treated area until dry and bright.

4. Continue procedure until the entire area is buffed.

5. Dust mop to remove any residue from buffing.

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Box of 12 @ 1 Quart

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