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RE-NU Metal Kleen
METAL KLEEN is an effective, fast working, NONTOXIC biodegradable cleaner for stainless steel. Cleans hard to remove corrosion. Will also remove lime, rust and water spots. Anti-Static. For chrome, porcelain, tile, brass, copper, bronze, Formica, crystal, Fiberglass and plate glass. Excellent rust remover from all surfaces. Leaves no oily residue.

NAVSEA Approved for Surface Ships and Submarines Anti-Static

For use on Chrome, Porcelain, Tile, Brass, Copper, Bronze,
Formica, Fiberglass, Crystal, and Plate Glass

Excellent rust remover from all surfaces Leaves no oily residue

1. For use on grill surface, clean grill first with ALL PURPOSE KLEEN.
2. Cover grill with a thin coat of water, sprinkle METAL KLEEN over grill.
3. Polish grill with a grill pad. Do no over use water but keep the grill surface wet.
4. Pull liquid off grill surface with grill squeegee and wipe with clean damp towel.
5. Empty grease catch pan, rinse and replace.
6. With clean paper towel, rub small amount of oil to grill surface.
7. Wipe grill clean before using again.
1. On hard to clean, hard water and rust stained areas, use wet clean cloth with METAL KLEEN by making a paste.
2. Always clean with the grain of the metal.
3. METAL KLEEN will remove lime, rust from metal and plate glass.
1. Add 6 oz. for every gallon in reservoir of high pressure spraying equipment.
2. Use equipment as you normally would

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Box of 6/2 lb. Tubs

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