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The first formulation that actually reconverts insoluble floor finish buildups into a soluble solution that can be picked up with a mop - without machine scrubbing. An exclusive combination of emulsifiers quickly and easily penetrates and disintegrates all brands of floor finishes for easy pick up with mops or wet vacuums.

Relatively mild in its concentrated form it reduces hazard to the skin, clothing, floors, paints, etc. It is pleasantly scented and produces no objectionable odors.

Heavy buildups can be removed by applying the emulsifier solution mixed one part concentrate to one part water. For lighter buildups the emulsifier may be diluted with up to 3 parts water.

Apply solution liberally. Allow to stand 3 to 5 minutes, then agitate with the mop to break finish loose. Pick up with mop, wet vac or auto scrubber. Use with adequate ventilation.
NSN# 6850-01-434-4411: Box of 4 @ 1 Gallon

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