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The Natural Agent to Fight Grease & Grime

A scientific formula breakthrough combining organic solvents derived from orange and citrus peels with a patented positive emulsion cleaner creating a cleaning solution with unequaled ability to dissolve and emulsify all types of soils. Superior cleaning ability without the use of petroleum solvents (butyl cellosolve), as present in most commercial and household cleaners. Plus no obnoxious flashback vapors when spraying on surfaces.

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Flight Decks & Engine Rooms: Mix Equally with water.

Galleys: Mix one part ORANGE MUSCLE to 10 parts water. Safe for use on all non food Contact Surfaces.

Passageways & Restrooms: Mix one part ORANGE MUSCLE to 10 parts water.

Building & Operational Facilities: Mix one part ORANGE MUSCLE to 10 parts water.

Dining Facilities & Barracks: Mix one part ORANGE MUSCLE to 20 parts water.

Motor Pools: Mix one part ORANGE MUSCLE to 64 parts water.

Glass & Window Cleaning: Mix one part ORANGE MUSCLE to 10 gallon water.

NSN# 6850-01-416-8439: Box of 12 @ 1 Quart Ready-to-Use
NSN# 6850-01-416-8441: Box of 6 @ 1 Gallon Concentrate
NSN# 6850-01-416-8438: Can of 1 @ 5 Gallon Pail Concentrate
NSN# 7930-07-095-1662: Drum of 55 Gallons Concentrate

AVAILABLE AT: NEXCOM, DLA, GSA, National Industries for the Blind,
ServMart Stores, and all Government Agencies.

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