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HAWK Buffers & Burnishers

Versatile, Powerful, and
Built to Last!

These workhorse machines with power to spare deliver top value and reliable, long-lasting performance for all your hard
floor applications — office buildings, schools and
universities, healthcare
environments, retail stores, malls,
and more.

HAWK Standard 20"
Model HP1020
• Pad Size: 20"
• Power Source: 115V / 60 Hz
• Motor/HP: 66 Frame / 1.0 hp
• Brush RPM: 175
• Cord Length: 50 ft. / 14-3 STO
• Weight: 82 lbs.
• Ship Weight: 104 lbs.

Premium Polishing, Scrubbing and Stripping Machines
These versatile two-speeds give you double the value. Hawk’s two-speed machines are a great choice for schools, libraries, office buildings, supermarkets, hospitals, apartment hallways, restaurants, and more.

HAWK Standard 20"


Model HP1520-2S
• Pad Size: 20"
• Power Source: 115V / 60 Hz
• Motor/HP: 66 Frame / 1-1/2 hp
DC Rectified
• Brush RPM: 175 / 300
• Cord Length: 50 ft. / 14-3 STO
• Weight: 88 lbs.
• Ship Weight: 100 lbs.


Finish large areas quickly with this super-quiet, high-speed burnisher, available in two model choice speeds. Units are available with or without dust control. The High Speed provides remarkable ease of handling, and makes this durable performer the perfect choice for either small or large areas.

The compact, fold up, highly maneuverable burnishing units are well suited for confined areas, such as medical examination rooms, convenience stores, small classrooms, etc. The fold up feature allows storage using a minimum amount of floor space.

HAWK High-Speed Burnishers

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