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FLOOR KLEEN is an effective, fast working, NON-TOXIC biodegradable cleaner for floors. Deep cleaning. Reduces slipping, improves employee efficiency. Removes grease and oil spills from concrete and blacktop parking areas. For cleaning of tile, quarry, ceramic, terrazzo, blacktop, concrete and monolithic epoxy surfaces. Always shake well before using.

1) For initial deep cleaning, mix two (2) quarts of FLOOR KLEEN to four gallons of HOT water. For daily use, dilute at a ration of two cups (16 oz.) FLOOR KLEEN to four (4) gallons of HOT water.
2) Spread thin coat of solution over the floor surface evenly with deck brush, spray bottle
or power scrubber.
3) Brush into floor with a stiff bristled deck brush or power scrubber.
4) Allow solution to remain on floor for five (5) minutes minimum.
5) Brush surface again.
6) Rinse floor thoroughly with HOT water and squeegee into drain or wet vac the floor surface.

Always follow equipment manufacturers instructions.
Not recommended for aluminum equipment or parts.

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