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Strip the entire floor using Coast Power Stripper. Mix in mop bucket according to directions, then mop on floor, allow five minutes for the chemical action to loosen the old finish. Scrub with 175 rpm floor machine with a brown or black pad. Pick up dirty solution with a mop and bucket or Wet-Dry vacuum.

Damp mop the entire floor with clean water to remove any residue left on floor.

Once the floor is clean and dry, apply (2) coats of Coast Safety Sealer and (5) coats of Coast Safety Finish. Allow about 30 minutes of drying time between coats.

Mop floor with Coast High Speed Neutral Cleaner.
Light Soil: 2 oz. per gallon of water.
Heavy Soil: 4 oz. per gallon of water.
Buff floor once or twice weekly with a high speed buffer with Coast High Speed Spray Buff using a beige or red buffing pad.

Coast Safety Restorer may be used in areas of heavy traffic or where a high gloss appearance is required. Apply one coat weekly or as needed. Dilute two parts water, one part Coast Safety Restorer. Upon drying, buff to restore original gloss with a high speed floor machine.
NOTE: This procedure does not replace recoating. Extremely worn areas should be recoated with Coast Safety Finish and buffed immediately when dry.

Needed when floors are abused or neglected. Place blue scrub pads on 175 rpm Floor Machine. Floors in good condition, stripping not required. Mix 2-1/2 cups of Coast High Speed Neutral Cleaner with (5) gallons of clear water in the mop bucket. Scrub the floor, picking up the dirty solution with a mop bucket or We-Dry Vacuum. Damp mop with clear water and allow to dry completely. Recoat with two coats of Coast Safety Finish. Buff the floor the next day.

RECOATING: See Top Scrubbing Procedure above (top of page)

Coast Power Stripper
NSN #6850-01-434-4411
Coast Safety Sealer
NSN #6850-01-434-4415
Coast Safety Finish
NSN 6850-01-434-4417
Coast Safety Restorer
NSN #6850-01-434-4412
Coast Safety Spray Buff
NSN #6850-01-463-7956
Coast Safety Finish (Non Buff)
NSN# 7930-07-999-2486
Marine Corp Exchange and other Government Agencies.

Installation of Safety Non-Buff Finish for a Low Maintenance Program

1. Follow the same stripping procedures as outlined in the High Speed Safety Floor Care System.
2. Apply five coats of Coast Products Safety Non-Buff Finish. Allow 30 minutes of drying time between coats. 
3. Maintain floor on a daily basis with Coast Products High Speed Neutral Cleaner mixed 2 oz. per gallon of water.
4. Buff floor periodically using a beige or red buffing pad to enhance the shine. Use the Coast Products Safety Spray Buff to clean up scuff marks and scratches.
By following the recommendations above, you can maintain a clean and bright floor for at least one year without stripping. The time for stripping will vary according to floor condition, traffic patterns and maintenance.

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