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Coast Product ENVIRKleen

ENVIROKLEAN INDUSTRIAL CLEANER/DEGREASER penetrates and quickly removes grease, oil, road film and tough soils. Safe for any washable surface. ENVIROKLEAN may be recycled many times. Once the solution in the tank looses its cleaning efficiency, drain and refill for new cleaning operation. This formulation will suspend oil and grease to assist with removal. The suspended oil and grease will then float on the surface of waste water for easy removal. Add ENVIRONKLEAN cleaner degreaser to tank as needed.

ENVIROKLEAN INDUSTRIAL CLEANER/DEGREASER complies with all federal, state and local standards and regulations. Completely biodegradable, actually breaks down in the environment as water, minerals and CO². It is non-toxic and does not produce contaminants that pollute the air, per Title III Clean Air Act of 1990.

EniroKlean Usage Chart

High Oil Splitting Property

Very effective in removing oil, grease and contaminant and yet will release the oil, grease and contaminant in separation systems.

Certified SCS
(Scientific Certification System)
Product will meet certain strict standards

Non Toxic Protects the environment and people from contamination or harm.

Biodegradable Totally breaks down in the environment as water, minerals and CO²

(Hazardous Air Pollutant)
Contributes to the reduction of contaminants in the air.

Low Aquatic Toxicity No effect on fish or other water creatures.

Low V.O.C.
Only 48 gms/liter
(per SCAQMD test method 304)
Only 48 gms/liter
(EPA test method 24)
Negligible contribution to air pollution.

USDA Approval

Can be used with rinse cycle on any food contact surface.

Parts Washers:
2 to 4 parts water
Engines, Coils:
Full strength to 5 - 1
Concrete, Machine Oils:
Full strength to 10 - 1
Vents, Wheels, Trucks:
Full strength to 10 - 1
Pressure Washers, Steam Cleaners:
30 to 60 parts water
Light Cleaning, Hard Surface:
15 to 60 parts water

and other Government Agencies
NSN# 6850-01-450-9805 Can / 5 Gallons
NSN# 6850-01-450-9810 Box / 4 @ 1 Gallons
NSN# 6850-01-450-9813 Drum / 55 Gallons

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