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Material Safety Data Sheet

RE-NU All Purpose KLEEN

NON-TOXIC & Biodegradable For Grills, Ovens and Hoods

ALL PURPOSE KLEEN is an effective, fast working, NON-TOXIC biodegradable all purpose cleaner / degreaser.Always shake well before using.


1. Dilute ALL PURPOSE KLEEN with 4 parts water to 1 part ALL PURPOSE KLEEN.
2. Turn grill down to 250 degrees F.
3. Spray diluted solution of ALL PURPOSE KLEEN on sides, back flanges and grill surface.
If liquid dances, grill is too hot — If it pools, surface is too cold.
4. Empty grease catch pan and replace.
5. Start from back of grill. Pour one to two cups of diluted ALL PURPOSE KLEEN
(depending on carbon build up) on to back of grill.
6. Work with steel spatula. Add water as required to maintain liquid level.
7. Use scraping action to work liquid around on heavy carbon areas.
8. Pull dissolved grease into trough.
9. Add one (1) cup of water to grill.
10. Sprinkle onto grill, a light coating of RE-NU METAL KLEEN.
11. Polish with grill pad, including sides and back.
12. Do not overuse water, but keep grill surface wet.
13. Squeegee dry. Wipe clean with damp cloth.
14. Season clean grill with light coating of oil. Wipe grill clean before using again.
15. Empty grease catch pan, rinse in water and replace.

HOODS: (Gaylord Hoods Systems)

1. Mix ALL PURPOSE KLEEN and water at a ratio of 1 part water to 1 part A. P. KLEEN.
2. Operate hood system at the end of each shift for a minimum of 2 minutes.

DEEP FRYERS: Top of Page

1. Turn off deep fryer and let cool a few minutes.
2. Drain oil and close drain.
3. Add one to two cups of ALL PURPOSE KLEEN to deep fryer depending on the degree of carbon
build up. Pour over elements and down the sides.
4. Fill fryer with water to just below oil line and slow boil for 30 minutes.
5. Brush well with pot brush.
6. Turn off fryer and drain water promptly.
7. Rinse with clean water and drain, towel dry and refill with oil.

DEEP FRYER: (Pull-out Pan type)

1. Drain oil, pull out pan and place in sink.
2. Fill sink with hot water just above the pan.
3. Add one cup of ALL PURPOSE KLEEN to sink and let soak for 30 minutes.
4. Scrub carbon areas with an abrasive pad.
5. Rinse with clean water ad dry thoroughly.
6. Replace in fryer and fill with oil.


1. Remove broiler parts to be cleaned.
2. Put parts into sink or cleansing tank.
3. Spray ALL PURPOSE KLEEN on all parts.
4. Cover parts with HOT water.
5. Add two (2) cups of ALL PURPOSE KLEEN to water.
6. Let sit for 30 minutes, rinse and dry.


1. Spray cold oven interior with ALL PURPOSE KLEEN, close door.
2. Set temperature for 250 degrees F for 5 minutes.
3. Turn oven off and spray interior again.
4. Wipe surface with wet clean cloth, rinsing cloth frequently.
5. On hard to clean areas, repeat above process.

FLOORS: Top of Page

1. For initial deep cleaning, mix two (2) quarts of ALL PURPOSE KLEEN to four gallons of HOT
water. For daily use, dilute at a ratio of two cups (16 oz.) ALL PURPOSE KLEEN to four (4)
gallons of HOT water.
2. Spread thin coat of solution over the floor surface evenly with deck brush, spray bottle or power scrubber.
3. Brush into floor with a stiff bristled deck brush or power scrubber.
4. Allow solution to remain on floor for five (5) minutes minimum.
5. Brush surface again.
6. Rinse floor thoroughly with HOT water and squeegee into drain or wet vac the floor surface.


Mix one (1) part ALL PURPOSE KLEEN to twenty (20) parts water for light degreasing.
Use for general cleaning, carpet spotting, waitress/bus stations, counters, table tops, chairs,
booths, bars and tile.
Clean with the grain of the metal.
Spray on and wipe off with clean wet cloth and dry.
Mix one (1) part ALL PURPOSE KLEEN to four (4) parts water for heavy grease, carbon,
garbage containers, grills and light build-up on ovens.
For oven exteriors and heavy grease or carbon areas, clean when surface is warm and wipe with clean damp cloth.
    1. If grease/carbon was built up while surface was hot, then remove when it is warm.
    2. Always follow equipment manufacturers instructions.
    3. Not recommended for aluminum equipment or parts.

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