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For over 22 years Coast Products, Inc. has been devoted to protecting our environment by selling only Safe and Biodegradable products. We are specialized in supplying our United States military and government agencies worldwide through the DLA, NEXCOM, GSA, DOD E-Mall, Peninsula Services, Able Industries, in Guam and Blind Industry stores who carry our product line.
Soy Natural Industrial Cleaner

Soy protein and conditioners for maximum skin protection
Cherry fragrance - Fibril scrubbers for extra cleansing power


Soy natural industrial hand cleaner. Directions: Apply to hands, add small amount of water and lather. Work in until soil is emulsified. Rinse and wipe dry.

NSN# 8520-01-660-5227
Manufacturer Part Number: #5525
Cherry Soyl Cartridge Soap
Case of (4) 2.125 L (72 oz. each)
NSN# 4510-01-658-0462
Manufacturer Part Number: #5407B
Soap Dispenser Heavy Duty Plastic (single pack)

Orange Muscle and Orange Muscle PLUS™ is a natural base all purpose degreaser with a pleasant orange fragrance. New and Improved, out performing all other degreasers. This product is a non-toxic biodegradable formula for us in all degreasing purposes. Orange Muscle PLUS™ is approved for military use and is NAVSEA certified for submarines and surface ships.

Introducing Orange Muscle PLUS+ DFE in Cartridges / Pouches.

EnviroKlean Cleaner/Degreaser
A non solvent and non emulsifying cleaner degreaser that makes recycling a breeze.  Soil and grime float to the top and does not settle at the bottom!  Environmentally safe to discard, for military and commercial uses.

Orange Muscle PLUS+ in Cartridges & Pouches

We've developed a floor care system of products for the commercial and military markets that will reduce maintenance of high traffic areas to create a high gloss-durable finish. The Safety Floor Care System has applications for tile and other flooring. 

HOST Carpet Dry Cleaner is Green Seal approved and used by the major hotel chains in the Hawaiian Islands, as well as the Navy Lodge on Ford Island, Pearl Harbor, and the Navy Exchange in the Far East.

We are extremely proud of our appointment as an approved designated supplier by the Austrailian Defence Industry!
Austrailian Defense Industry
If you have special cleaning chemical requirements, CONTACT US for solutions to meet your cleaning and sanitizing needs.

Coast products always strive to protect the environment with the highest level of environmentally safe products that will
protect our precious oceans for future generations to enjoy.

975 Queen Street | Honolulu, Hawaii 96814
Phone: 808.593.8709 | Fax: 808.591.9096

CNN Today
Garbage Island
"Floating Plastic"

June 8th is
Worlds Ocean Day

The 30th anniversary of the United Nations Convention
on the Law of the Sea established 1982-201
"Free to all belonging to none," UNCLOS.

Everyone's responsibility
to protect and respect.

We supply United States EPA and Green Seal products approved by their Manufacturing Standards.

Pacific Sparkle Concentrate, Green Seal Certified— Is a specially formulated cleaner designed for use on glass, Lexan, Lucite, mirrors, menu boards and other surfaces not harmed by water.


We are proud to represent manufacturers to help you get the job done right—

Buffers and Burnishers!

Designer and manufacturer of Automatic Dispensing units and Proportioning Equipment.

EPA Environmental By Design Coast EPA & Green Seal Approved Products

Empire Machinery by Mancon

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